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Australian Shepherd Breeder

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Our Story

We are a small breeder located in Philomath, Oregon. Raising animals became a hobby for us after purchasing our first home here in 2014 where we started a small farm. Our family currently consists of two kids, three dogs, two cats, and usually some chickens roaming around. During some seasons, our family will grow by two or more pigs. 

We fell in love with The Australian Shepherd after getting our first Aussie, Jeb. That love and experience led to the desire and passion to breed these beautiful dogs. Our dogs have brought us so much joy, taught us valuable lessons, and gave us many beautiful memories. We want to bring that same love and joy to others. 

Our number one priority in breeding is the health of our animals. We ensure this through genetic testing of both parents, good diet once weaned, exercise, and slow acclamation to new environments. Most importantly, our puppies are given the appropriate and needed time with mommy for healthy development. They are also handled daily to develop positive experiences and socialization. We promise strong, happy, healthy pups.​ We do not breed mini's. 

We conduct a screening process for all prospective owners. You will be asked to sign a puppy agreement when purchasing from us. Our dogs go to safe, happy, healthy homes with a person who's ready for the mental, physical, and financial responsibility of owning a dog of this quality who's breed requires a lot of attention and exercise. Please see the Cost and Puppy Agreement tab for more information.​

When you purchase a dog from us we promise you reliable expertise that you can turn to for life. We strongly believe in the importance of a happy and fulfilling relationship between person and animal.

Whether you're looking for a great companion, service animal, or strong working dog, the Aussie has it all. They are high in intelligence, drive, loyalty, and have an absolute desire to please so they are very motivated when training.

Check out The AKC (American Kennel Club) Aussie page for more information about The Australian Shepherd and make sure it's the right dog for you: AKC Site 

In Memory of Jeb

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